Employee Spotlight

Jerry Simmons

Jerry Simmons ER Snell

Having grown up watching his father, Hugh Simmons, operate cranes here at ERS, it was a natural fit for Jerry to join the ERS family. Jerry started his journey with us 25 years ago as a Preventative Maintenance Mechanic and quickly worked his way up through the ranks.

Van Snell saw a natural talent with equipment and an eagerness to learn when he first interviewed and hired Jerry. Van now believes that “Jerry might be one of the top hires for E.R. Snell.” With guidance and direction from mentor, Jerry Robinson, Simmons realized his passion was with cranes. He spent a lot of time growing up learning about cranes from his father and decided to put that knowledge to good use by becoming a Crane Inspector. The company recognized his drive and desire to learn and decided to help him advance his knowledge by sending him to Link-Belt School in Kentucky and Crane Inspection School in Florida.

Now over 25 years later Jerry has also encouraged his son, Justin Simmons, to join the company. Justin has now been with ERS for 2 years and is getting ready to further his education by attending Link-Belt School in Kentucky, just like his father.

Hugh has come out of retirement to work on the Winder Bypass Project. With this rare turn of events, Hugh, Jerry and Justin are all working here at ERS. Three generations of great men who have been a tremendous asset to ERS.

With great appreciation, we commend Jerry Simmons for 25 years of service at ERS. We are grateful to him for sharing 25 years of his life and making ERS his home. We also send many thanks to his father, for encouraging him to apply all those years ago, and his son for continuing on the Simmons legacy here at ERS. Thank you, Jerry and the rest of the Simmons Family, for being a part of the E.R. Snell Family.