The Importance of Promoting a Positive Work Culture and Environment

When your workplace promotes a positive culture and environment, it is a pure joy to come to work every day. At E.R. Snell Contractor Inc., our business is built on over 95 years of providing an organization where individuals work to find their full potential and be supported in their goals. We are always seeking new ways to emphasize safety, improve productivity and give our customers the best possible product.

Positivity Produces Success

positive work environment team photo paved

Creating an environment where everyone in the organization can be successful, is challenging.  We have found that when everyone feels more confident and better able to tackle their day, they are safer and more productive. We strive to promote this type of atmosphere throughout our company. In a conversation with one of his new hires, one of our asphalt foremen told his employee that his favorite aspect about working for E.R. Snell was “investing in the younger employees to help them live into their full potential.”

Throughout E.R. Snell, you’ll find employees who began their career with E.R. Snell and have been promoted to management positions.  Starting your career as a laborer and learning about road construction enables someone to know how to build a job from beginning to end.  Having examples of leaders within our organization who have started at the bottom and have been given more responsibility over their careers is one way we foster positivity and new opportunities for employees.

Enjoying Your Workday

Life is too short to spend your workday doing something that you don’t believe in.  At E.R. Snell, we recognize the importance transportation plays in our society.  As one of the largest road contractors in Georgia, we help build the infrastructure that enables people to move around our state.  Serving the public in that way provides meaning and purpose to the work we do.

We pride ourselves not only on providing quality construction to the public but also an enjoyable work environment for our employees. We strive to enable a collaborative atmosphere to help each employee enjoy their journey with E.R. Snell. Whether it is providing on-going training, top of the line equipment or a trip to Six Flags, E.R. Snell wants to see every employee enjoy their time with the company.

Exceptional Collaboration

Putting your heads together to solve a difficult problem and finding the answer is one of the most rewarding wins that you can enjoy at work. Knowing that you were able to work well with others and create a spirit of collaboration lets you know that you are a part of something much larger than yourself.

Success at E.R. Snell is derived from the collaboration from one department to the next.  Each project requires that multiple departments and divisions work together. From estimators to project managers to accountants, communication and teamwork are crucial to ensuring details are taken care of and the job is built as the work was bid.  One of our accountants stated that “my favorite part about working for ERS is seeing a completed project and knowing that my knowledge of accounting helped that construction project become a reality.”

positive work environment team photo in the fieldCreativity to Spare

When you are comfortable in your work environment, you know that good ideas will be shared appropriately—and the credit will be given where it is due. You are able to feel more invested in your tasks when you know that your input is accepted and even welcomed, no matter your position at E.R. Snell. One of the students within the summer intern program shares their experience:

“When I arrived at E.R. Snell, I was nervous that I would not be able to put my personal touch on the projects that were assigned to me. However, the team that I worked with provided an open environment for me to flourish and continued to encourage my creativity. Thank you E.R. Snell.”

Healthy Living

positive work environment team photo lunch at table

A positive and healthy workplace encourages work-life balance. At E.R. Snell, we pride ourselves in taking care of our employees through our Health and Wellness plans as well as benefits, programs, and policies that help meet the needs of our people. From ongoing events, like confined-spaces trainings or even an employee lunch, we are committed to providing the best possible climate for training and development for all employees.

These are only a few of the ways that a positive and uplifting work culture will help support employee morale and business success. At E.R. Snell, our family-owned and operated business thrives on hiring people who firmly believe in creating a culture that we will all enjoy working in. Contact us today to learn more or apply today for one of our open positions!