Asphalt Paving

As one of the largest prime Asphalt Paving contractors in the state of Georgia, we have perfected the art of providing our customers with a high strength, durable asphalt and a smooth riding surface. With 11 hot mix asphalt plants in Macon and across North Georgia, and one asphalt terminal dedicated to storing the liquid for the asphalt mix, we are capable of producing millions of tons of asphalt.

EZ Street Asphalt

You know those times when you’re ready to work—and the hot mix isn’t? Like when it’s raining? Or in a middle-of-the-night emergency? Or the job is just too small for a load of hot mix? Like, filling a couple of nasty potholes? The on-the-fly, hot-mix alternative is EZ Street Asphalt. With a proprietary, polymer-modified formulation, this is a premium cold mix that’s guaranteed permanent. It’s always workable and always stays in the hole. And it’s so easy, your grandmother could use it. Available in bags or bulk, this is the only cold mix that meets E.R. Snell’s rigorous demands for performance and quality. EZ Street Asphalt: Showing potholes who’s boss.

Asphalt Sales

E.R. Snell is a leading asphalt provider for contractors, cities, and municipalities. Our well-maintained plants, technicians, and teams of quality control experts are highly trained to provide you with optimal materials for any job. If you are interested in purchasing, please email


Having over 40 years of experience in grading for various private, government, and commercial projects, E.R. Snell has become one of the Southeast’s go-to large scale graders. We specialize in storm drain, base or aggregate base, and earthwork. We can also provide widening and mass grading services upon request.


E.R. Snell has nearly a century of experience building culverts. Our work includes arch culverts, concrete box culverts, and precast culverts. No matter the size of your project, we can construct the exact size and type for your needs.


Our bridge division is one of the largest in the state of Georgia, known for its excellence in quality and efficiency. We provide award winning work to customers statewide with challenges across the board including construction over water and existing railroads.


Working with general contractors, civil engineers, and private entities, E.R. Snell has been building multiple types of walls including gravity walls, reinforced earth walls, and sound walls for decades. Our specially engineered walls help improve highways and major roadways throughout Georgia.

Private Projects

Our team specializes in commercial, residential, and industrial construction jobs across the state. As one of the largest base and paving contractors in Georgia, we can handle any size job, no matter how difficult it may seem.