The Road to Success: 5 Reasons Why You Want to Work with E.R. Snell

E.R. Snell is a leader in new and existing road construction and repair, asphalt paving bridges and concrete structures in both the public and private sectors. What began as a small, one-desk operation in E.R. Snell, Sr.’s home in 1923, has grown to a multi-division company (still family-owned) with hundreds of employees. We’ve got five great reasons why you should consider a career with E.R. Snell.

Reason 1: We Offer Variety and Diversity

E.R. Snell is always looking for bright and talented individuals to join our road construction family. While we are based in Snellville, Georgia, we have positions across Metro Atlanta, Macon, and Augusta. With jobs from Heavy Equipment Operator to Carpenter, from Surveyor to Concrete Finisher, from Analyst to Driver, E.R. Snell has something to offer for anyone wanting to make a career in the industry.


Reason 2: We Are a Family

E.R. Snell has been family-owned since 1923 and was founded with the Christian beliefs of honesty and integrity leading the way. Five generations later, family members are still at the helm and are excited about the future of the company. Scott Briscoe became president in 2017 after more than 23 years of service at E.R. Snell. After serving as president for over twenty years, Robin Snell continues as the Chairman of the Board of Directors and is an integral part of our employee training programs and other facets of our business.

Reason 3: We Take Care of Our Team

E.R. Snell looks out for our employees. We not only offer competitive salaries but we also provide many benefits, programs, and policies that help meet the needs of our people including health insurance, 401k, profit-sharing, continuing education assistance and referral bonuses. We are committed to providing the best possible climate for maximum development for all employees.

Image of Atlanta skyline by night with speeding tail lights.

Reason 4: We Are Focused on Safety from Day One

Safety is a top priority at E.R. Snell. We understand the dangers of construction and know that accidents can be avoided with precaution and common sense. From orientation to on-going training classes, to OSHA certifications, to safety videos, to daily hazard assessments, our employees are trained extensively.  We also have a safety incentive program designed to reward employees who meet and exceed safety protocol and practices.

Reason 5: We Know Merit Deserves Recognition

E.R. Snell recognizes and rewards excellence and commitment. We offer recognition awards of gift cards, cash awards, and prizes to acknowledge exceptional production results. We also celebrate employees who have a long-term relationship with us through our Service Anniversary Awards.

It takes hard work and teamwork to succeed in road construction. You need to be tech-savvy, proactive, methodical and a strong communicator, but you also need a company that looks out for your success and professional development. We conduct our business with the highest standards of ethics set forth by E.R. Snell more than 90 years ago and will continue to uphold these principles and values for years to come in every commitment that is made by the company. Contact us or check out our job board to learn more about working with E.R. Snell today!