SR 53 and SR 316 Project

Project Details

The SR 53 and 316 job is a GDOT project projected to be completed in June 2022. The project involves 1.65 miles of interchange construction on SR 316 at SR 53, which includes construction of a bridge and approaches over SR 53. The existing intersection is a traffic signal.

The project will utilize over 1,000,000 cubic yards of borrow dirt to help raise the existing profile grade to up to 25 feet before and after the new bridge. Approximately 60,000 tons of GAB will be placed under all new asphalt and concrete pavement and 80,000 square yards of concrete pavement will be placed on new ramps and SR 316. The project also includes the installation of over 2,000 linear feet of storm drain pipe and 2 MSE Walls will be built to construct the 150 foot long bridge over SR 53.

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