Gwinnett County – Pleasant Hill / Buford Hwy

Gwinnett County - Pleasant Hill / Buford Hwy

In January 2006, E. R. Snell began work on a major thoroughfare in Gwinnett County. For anyone who had traveled on the western side of Gwinnett near Buford Highway, a very different roadway is now available. In the past, the railroad crossing on Pleasant Hill Road near Buford Highway had served as a commuter’s nightmare during rush hour. The railroad crossing was ‘at grade’ and when a train came through traffic backed up in both directions causing many delays. Our project provided a resolution to this back up with a new railroad bridge over the roadway.

In the beginning we constructed a temporary railroad trestle over the existing Pleasant Hill Road in order to construct a permanent railroad structure. In addition, the traffic on Pleasant Hill Road was temporarily shifted away from their current location. Our crews were then able to construct the permanent railroad bridge which was actually built at the existing ground level. We then worked delicately underneath the permanent bridge and the temporary railroad trestle to excavate out an area for the new Pleasant Hill Road. An opening was eventually accomplished and a new asphalt roadway constructed.

In December 2008 we completed our project and Gwinnett County travelers are enjoying the results of our efforts.

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