Worksite Erosion Control Supervisor

A Worksite Erosion Control Supervisor (WECS) is an individual who is charged with maintaining NPDES permit compliance, specifically pertaining erosion control. Our permits require we conduct both routine and post-rain event inspections of infrastructure constructions projects and document those findings on an associated Excel spreadsheet.

Primary responsibilities include performing inspections, maintaining the appropriate paperwork, coordinating sub-contractors, facilitating maintenance and installation of erosion control devices called Best Management Practices (BMPs), communication with DOT personnel to resolve erosion control related issues, and working alongside grading crews during mass grading operations.Basic computer skills (Microsoft office) are necessary.

This position is primarily structured outdoors on a live construction project. All computer work and reporting is conducted from a company pickup truck or in an associated job trailer located onsite. Must have the ability to attend certification classes and pass associated open book tests (GSWCC level 1A and GDOT WECS). Must have a valid driver’s license and pass an MVR test.  Visual inspections of the job site are conducted involving a combination of walking and driving.  Must be comfortable walking a construction job site and capable of walking through mud, over small obstacles, up/down steep slopes, etc. Individuals should have good organizational habits and good communication skills. This position will work largely in the Augusta, Ga. area.