Reports to: Foreman

Work Hours: 50 hrs/week

Position Summary:

A Traffic Control Flagger is someone that directs public traffic (both vehicular and pedestrian) through road construction sites and lane closures. A flagger utilizes signaling, verbal communication, correctly placed traffic control signs, and manual labor as needed to maintain a safe job-site for both the public and employees.

Essential Job Functions:

-Communication Skills: frequent contact with foreman for traffic/rerouting updates, communicating safety hazards to others

-Strong Listening Skills: follow precise instructions on when and where to guide traffic, aware of surroundings to alert those around you

-Teamwork: ability to work well with others


-Maintain a safe job site

-Ensure that all procedures align with both company and OSHA safety standards

-Prepare reports and maintain records

-Working many hours outdoors, must be able to stand for long period of time

-Respond to emergencies, understand precaution measures

Education and Experience:  

-High school diploma or equivalent

-Class C Driver’s License preferred

-Flagger Certified

-Experience in the road construction field preferred, but not required

Women are encouraged to apply.

E.R. Snell Contractor, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.