E.R. Snell Contractor Internship Program

E.R. Snell Contractor, Inc. provides paid internship opportunities for students or recent graduates interested in learning more about the road construction industry. Internships are offered in each of our construction divisions: asphalt, structures, facilities, construction, and traffic control as well as our estimating and accounting departments. Most of our internships are offered during the summer, but we also have a few throughout the school year.

Interns at E.R. Snell gain relevant work experience while participating in the daily operations of their crew or department through entry-level assignments. They are encouraged to participate in meetings with management and customers and learn how their task is a part of a larger project. Most interns are college students majoring in construction management, civil engineering or accounting.

Goals for Student Interns:

  • Build on classroom knowledge in a corporate setting
  • Participate in a variety of different road construction divisions
  • Learn valuable, relevant skills to enhance the classroom experience
  • Articulate what the student has learned during the internship to share with peers, professors, or future employer
  • Recognize the need for further education to achieve professional goals
  • Begin a network of professional contacts
  • Receive feedback from mentor or supervisor

An E.R. Snell internship is intended to build on a student’s classroom knowledge through hands-on experience. Whether students are on a job site or in the office, they will be given an opportunity to participate in our everyday work. Students in the field will be exposed to the challenging but exciting work of building and maintaining our state’s infrastructure. Whether working as part of an asphalt, bridge or grading crew, they will have the chance to visit and talk with job superintendents in each division including seeing traffic control plans designed and implemented. Office interns, often civil engineering or accounting majors, are shown the administrative side of road construction.

Students working with the estimating teams can use the skills they’ve gained in class to analyze drawings and specifications, develop detailed project estimates, and research products from a cost and constructability perspective. Interns working with our accounting department learn to manage vendor and subcontractor payments while ensuring costs are assigned to the correct project.