Asphalt Sales Provider in Atlanta

About Asphalt Sales

E.R. Snell Contractor, Inc. is a leading asphalt sales provider in Atlanta for contractors, private owners, and municipalities. Our eleven asphalt plants located conveniently throughout Georgia – from Augusta to Paulding County – can provide you with ideal materials for asphalt paving job.

We know first-hand that the material matters. With 11 hot mix asphalt plants in Macon and across North Georgia, and one asphalt terminal dedicated to storing the liquid for the asphalt mix, we are capable of producing millions of tons of asphalt.

Whether you require a mix for a high volume highway or need to fill pothole, we have the paving mix to meet your need. Our proprietary hot mix asphalt is perfect for contractors for residential, commercial and highway projects. EZ Street cold mix offers a quick, effective, permanent and requires a minimal installation crew.

If you are interested in purchasing asphalt, please contact Chandler Snell at You can also apply for credit to an Asphalt Account.

Chandler Snell

Asphalt Sales
Phone: 678-639-3080


Hot Mix Only

Hot mix asphalt, also known as blacktop or asphalt pavement, is a mixture of aggregates and liquid asphalt that can be placed and compacted for a smooth and durable surface.

  • Augusta Plant
  • Elberton Plant
  • Friendship Plant
  • Good Hope Plant
  • Lithonia Plant
  • Lithonia Liquid Terminal
  • Lithia Springs Plant
  • Norcross Plant
  • Paulding Plant

Hot Mix and EZ Street Cold Asphalt

EZ Street is a high-performance cold asphalt that can be applied to permanently repair potholes, utility cuts, overlays and edge repairs in asphalt or concrete.

  • Athens Plant
  • Stockbridge Plant
  • Tyrone Plant